The VacuSafe

The device for the collection of incontinence material, waste, dirty linen and used disposable bedpans in a ergonomic and hygienic way.
VacuSafe clappy met desinfectiepomp veilig afval inzamelen

The practical waste collector with foot controlled pedal

The VacuSafe has a rubber closure with strong clamping springs and therefore without a lid. That way the VacuSafe is always airtight and causes minimal air displacement when opening and closing.

Through foot control, the VacuSafe easily opens and closes again. This literally means: press the pedal down with your foot, insert the waste, release the pedal and the VacuSafe closes automatically again.

The VacuSafe is convenient and efficient to use and also very maintenance-friendly. Because of its stainless parts it is easy to clean and disinfect.


Secure hygiene

Do not give bacteria and viruses a chance and lock them hermetically in the Less2Care vacuum bags with patented safety structure. Our bags are specially developed for the health care industry.