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Less2Care Vacumeermachinge for care

The VacuSan secures hygiene in the health care industry!

(Incontinence) waste vacuuming ensures a hygienic living and working environment on the work floor in the care sector. A great additional advantage is that, among other things, urine smell is not given a chance. Hygiene filters eliminate odour nuisance and the risk of infection in the case of an outbreak of, for example, the COVID-19 virus, the noro virus or the MRSA virus.

The active carbon filter absorbs the vacuum air and unwanted stench is completely neutralized. The antibacterial filter helps isolate a bacterial outbreak and ensures that the air that leaves the VacuSan is 100% safe and bacteria and virus-free.

After the bag is sucked vacuum, it is sealed airtight. This significantly reduces the volume of waste and there is no more odor nuisance or risk of contamination.


Secure hygiene

Do not give bacteria and viruses a chance and lock them hermetically in the Less2Care vacuum bags with patented safety structure. Our bags are specially developed for the health care industry.


Fresh living areas

Thanks to the airtight bags that immediately stop bad odor from spreading. Masking the distinctive smell of nursing homes is a thing of the past.


Airtight storage

The Vacusan sucks the contaminated air out of the vacuum bag and filters it through an anti-bacterial scent filter that meets the highest standards of hygiene in the health care industry.

Additional advantages of vacuum and seal technique

Vacusan - Vacumeermachine voor incontinentiemateriaal

Odorless and neutral air

The super-strong and airtight bags make sure nothing will leak or tear and because the bag is opaque white, the collected waste looks neutral and is therefore no longer seen as dirty. The air that is sucked out of the bag is removed from the odour by the standard odour filter thanks to the bacteria filter, bacteria and viruses are immediately eliminated. 

Once the bag is sealed, the waste is contained. This greatly reduces the risk of infection (Noro virus, Corona virus, MRSA virus) with pathogens In addition, you no longer suffer from nasty odours when storing and transporting in and around the healthcare facility. And you can also store the waste internally for longer – so you save a lot of unnecessary transport. This reduces the care path.

Above all, you create a homely, odorless and fresh environment. Pleasant for all employees, but especially for the people who consider the care institution to be there home.

Collect waste in a smarter way

The VacuSafe is a practical waste collector with foot control and a hygienic solution and easier for caretakers to collect used incontinence material and dirty bedding.


Safe storage outside

Combined with an underground container, incontinence material is collected faster and safely and it is immediately out of sight.


Odorless transport

The best route and a odorless solution for the transport of waste within a care facility. Because the waste can safely be transported to the container without any risk.

50% less waste in size

Did you know that airtight vacuum and sealing causes 50% less waste? With the Less2Care vacuum and sealing technology, you will get the air out of the patented seal bags and secure bacteria and nasty odors inside. This prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses. An additional advantage is that the waste decreases at least 50% in size, so that the waste containers literally last twice as long before they need to be emptied. This together ensures a guarantee of hygiene and a reduction in waste costs.


Read more about the possibilities and how vacuum seal technology contributes to a safer living environment within your organization.

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