Less2Care’s VacuSan allows you to vacuum & safely dispose incontinence materials according to the highest hygiene standard. Bacteria, germs and dirty odors are no longer given any chance.

Less2Care also secures hygiene in the workplace

Unique features make the VacuSan the alternative to the bedpan washer and the cardboard disposables grinder

With the Less2Care vacuum technology, you get the air out of the waste bags and will terminate the spread of bacteria and nasty odors. In combination with the bedpan inlays or cardboard disposables, the bedpan washer and the cardboard disposables grinder will become unnecessary.

This means that you no longer have to make unnecessary walks across the corridor to empty stool residues into the toilet. Combined with the VacuSafe, you can dispose waste directly in to the airtight bag and seal the bag directly in the VacuSan, according to health care guidelines.

The VacuSan

Odor free and 100% secure hygiene with one simple handling

A nice living and working environment where the air is clean and fresh. Nasty smells due to used incontinence material do not bring that homely experience that you want your clients and their visitors to experience.

Less2Care’s VacuSan helps you to remove unwanted odors at low cost and filter the air hygienically. Used incontinence material or contaminated bedding is thus efficiently discharged, 100% hygienic and above all odorless.

The VacuSafe

Odor free and 100% secure hygiene with one simple handling

Less2Care’s VacuSafe makes it possible to isolate the used incontinence materials immediately after usage and seal the bags airtight straight away.

The VacuSafe can easily be taken into use in the daily care routines and works ergonomically and efficiently in favor of the employees health.

Ergonomic container system

Safe, clean and fast from VacuSan to MegaSan

Our Innovative container systems help health care institutions to optimize these latest steps of the hygiene process.

That’s why Less2Care has developed sustainable, occupational work friendly containers whose contents can be unloaded through the bottom plate in underground containers.

Hygiene is a priority, that's why it has to be secure

The VacuSan from Less2Care is a proven tool used in the hygiene processes of (inpatient) care institutions. Hygiene is secured on the basis of our method when it comes to the disposal of incontinence material, waste and contaminated bedding. Additional benefits include completely eliminate nasty odors from the waste, speeding up the cleaning process and ergonomic ease of use.

Combined with the VacuSafe, the entire waste process and associated hygiene and health risks are secured. With the VacuSafe all the waste is collected ergonomically. The VacuSafe automatically closes hermetically after use. As a result, bacteria, viruses and annoying odors remain in the vacuum sealed bag. When the bag is full just simply hang it in the VacuSan. It will sucks the air out of the bag seal automatically. This will prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading!

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